bridal party

this is a good shot at a wedding i was lucky enough to be the photographer of Brock and Jodi married at Surfair Marcoola,
Some Photographers would complain its not a good shot because of the harsh shadow content on the faces of a few bridesmaids,
point taken yes, but the thing is this, It is the brides day so if you get a shot of the bride and bridal party and a few of the bridal party have a shadow cast across them, dont worry, the reason i say this is from a film background, if you watched an episode of neighbours or home and away for example, youd see the main characters enter and the restaurant or bar and strike up a conversation with a co star, you would also see in the background other talent, but the focus (key word focus) should be with the star unless its a rack focus leading off but thats a different thing entirely.