When you get photos they are print ready up to 8K in resolution,

Award winning cinematographer Jeff from Bigsmiles

On a wedding dress photography shoot at Noosa woods sunshine coast with EasyElopements

Although the title states 8K photography and that is one of the greatest things about the last of the Mirrored DSLR cameras the Nikon D850. the resolution is so high that if you want to enlarge an image to have a nice big picture on your wall you can do this with great quality.
This doesn’t mean its all about technology, i’m not a pixel peeper and crazy about the latest technology, i still use manual lenses and for most part shoot full manual on any camera, and at the same time i do have respect for the new technology but i believe that for the most part modern day photographers who rack off 500 to 600 photos at a wedding are missing the whole point of the art they work with.

Many moons ago (in the 80’s) i was travelling and working in Germany whilst using a Nikon F3, i had a job to do in the East at a town called Varnemunde near Rostock, difficult to buy camera film in half a country where the second language was Russian and some people looked at you like your a spy with a camera.

Nikon camera F3 from the 1980s
favourite camera through the 1980’s

the point is you could never turn up at a wedding and rack off 500 plus shots, a roll of film takes time to change and it would cost more than the job is worth in both film and development, so each shot must count.

your level of alertness and attention to detail would be exhausting but at the same time it would be exciting and fun.

So would you like to turn up to a wedding shoot knowing you have 3 rolls of film, make it count,

We supply a coffee table photo album with most wedding photography packages as standard.
We don’t blast on about our equipment at Bigsmiles, we use Nikon preferenced D850 but we also shoot with Sony and Lumix and Blackmagic on video,
We have a large selection of cameras but for photos my preferance its Nikon,

Noosa woods wedding shoot
but to be honest we dont pixel peep, we dont run around chasing the latest equipment, in fact because i come from a film background 99% of my lenses are full manual,
In film many people i’ve worked with would say things like id only use an Alexa or a Red camera, and coming from a Writer/Director id comment really you need to look at the story and your talent and leave the cameras to the camera department because in my opinion two things that are more important than camera equipment are –
The Story and the lighting

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